3 Easy Methods on How to Keep Your Carpet Clean 

Certainly, we can all agree to the fact that there will always be dropping of food particles, spilling of any drink or liquid substance, waste from the pets and dust and dirt brought about by the traffic in your carpet at home. We understand that this is always a difficulty that is faced by most home owners and we are more than willing to help all of you to solve your problems in the easiest ways possible.  

Carpet Clean

In this article, we were able to list down all of the things that you should do and put in your mind if you are an owner of a carpet in your home. We understand that you only what to keep your carpet clean. We are hoping to see you at the end of this article. We truly hope that you enjoy this informative article we have prepared for you.   

  1. The Blotting Method

If there is a stain in the carpet that you have, be sure that you do not rub the stains that are on your carpet, just blot them to get rid of them. The blotting process is very helpful in soaking the stain that is on your carpet rather than rubbing it and spreading it on your whole carpet which will really create a big mess instead of preventing it as a whole. Remember to do the blotting on the outside of the stain, going inwards because this is the right process to do it in order to successfully get rid of the stain.   

  1. The Soda Method

This technique is super effective only if you do it correctly and properly. Use a clean cloth and put the soda on the cloth that you have. You do not necessarily need a new cloth; you could make use of your old clothes or drapes that you could easily have access to in your home.   

But if this process does not work on the stain on your carpet, you could also mix a part of vinegar to a part of water in a small spray bottle and make sure that you spray the affected carpet area entirely. Do not miss a single spot so that it will be clean right after. Next, get a clean sponge and use this to pull or soak the stain that is in your carpet. If it is not gone completely, make sure that you repeat this process until you get the desired effect.   

  1. The Ice Method

If you have children or you recently had a party in your home, there might be some gum that has stuck itself onto your carpet. This is a pain in the eyes. In order to remove this, you just have to get some ice or ice cubes on your fridge and put it on the gum in your carpet and let it be there for half a second or so. Once the gum is frozen from the ice cubes, it will be easily removed by hand. Use a glove for you to become more sanitary during the whole process. If you want to know more about effective carpet cleaning, contact an expert carpet cleaner NJ.